Changakheo: Contemporary Music Society in Seoul  

Changak-hoe(society of contemporary music in Seoul) is founded on 19th April, 1958 to promote contemporary music by holding concerts, seminars, composition competitions and camps and also by publishing works of members of the society.

Its annual series of around 3 concerts are held in May every year, along with international exchange concerts with China(Oriental ERA – 동방기원) starting ten years ago.

As of today(2016), 17 members have won the prestigious Korean Composition Award(대한민국 작곡상) and as a society, won amongst others, Choongang Cultural Award(중앙문화대상) for promoting traditional and contemporary Korean music and showing a way for its future. In 1988, the society also won Sejong Cultral Award(세종문화상)for promoting Korean contemporary music composition.

Today, Changak-hoe has over 200 members whom are mostly Korean composers. They will all take part in broadening the Korean tradition and suggesting new directions for Korean contemporary music while actively taking part in interactions outside Korea.



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